Awkward and Awesome.

Friday, May 18, 2012

 Because it's pretty.
-When I got to work this morning I realize that I had little yellow spots all over my shirt. Not cute ones. Little food marks that I missed when I decided this shirt was clean and I could wear it again without washing it. Oops.
-Having to jump when I enter the bathroom at work to get the lights to turn on. Curse sensor lights and their apparent heightism.
-A boy saying, "You look good. I'd kiss you."
-When a friendly person innocently said hi to me on the street, but by the time I checked over both shoulders to see if he was actually talking to someone behind me, the time has come and gone to say hi back.
-Spilling avocado slices on white pants.
-Getting black all over the bum of white pants from my bike seat
-Slipping on water in Target and falling to the ground
-Slipping on water two days later at work and falling on the same knee, which is now purple
-Being chatty/flirty with a boy in class {and thus sacrificing understanding what's going on}, only to get a, "Nice to meet you," when the bell rings.
-Jane and I riding our bikes through a huge rain and wind storm.
-The cutest baby ducks you ever did see swimming behind their momma.
-Getting a freaking sweet new blog design.
-The thunder storm that is happening outside.
-Michael doing allllllllllllll the dishes.


  1. hahahahah this is so cute! i love all the awkward ones!


  2. That's why I would never wear white pants. It's too dangerous and I don't trust myself.

  3. I love your blog <3 I stalk your page hoping you've a new post hahah.
    Just trying to start my own, if you wanna check it out that'd be awesome :)

  4. Yes, white pants are never a good idea in the real world. Especially for those of us who have countless awkward moments throughout the day.