vienna travel journals

Monday, June 24, 2013

my vienna travel journals are one of my most prized possessions. that summer that i studied abroad in vienna was a magical time and i was really blessed to have a professor that recognized the importance of journal writing. 

she gave us tons of journal writing assignments. a few i remember are --
1. go pray in a catholic church, write about it
2. spend 30 mins writing in a coffee shop
3. write about butter   

she also shared tips and ideas. i began being more creative. i began saving bit and pieces of everything. i made sure that i wrote every single night. i bought colorful pens! it definitely helped that everyone else on the study abroad was in a journaling frenzy as well. 

here are some of my favorite pages and some of my favorties ideas. 

<< tapped in a german writing assignment about my family >>
<< used a little red bag to make a pocket for ticket stubs >>
<< tapped in my award from maria and whitney -- i also stole from cute TP from my professors house >>
<< i'm not exactly an artist but sometimes drawing is the best descriptor >>
<< other times drawings don't turn out like you would hope... but don't erase anything! that's the best advice >>
<< stick everything in! ticket stubs! stickers! photos from pamphlets! >>
<< made a pocket: people wrote down our favorite memory together from the study abroad on a separate sheet of paper and put it in >>
<< a count down to the end of the study abroad during the last week >>
<< tapped in special notes >>
<< a pocket full of tickets! >>
<< a ticket tapped next to a scandalous story>>
<< a calendar of our backpacking schedule through italy >>
<< tapped in a gelato wrapper with my favorite combo >>
<< a map of hallstatt that i updated with what we did at each place >>
<< wrote about very specific events for clarity >>
<< cut up a picture and right down fun facts underneath >>

i have continued to journal like this over the years and i really think that it makes a huge different to tape in bits and pieces of life. i definitely go through phases... sometimes i write and save a lot... and other times i don't. however, every time i travel i go right back into save everything mode because looking back through these journals is just such a treat. 

hope this has inspired you to journal a little bit more! please feel free to ask questions. 



  1. Thank You for allowing us to take a look into your journal. I care around my journal every where. I love feeling like if I happen to come across a thought or an adventure that I just don't want to forget I have my journal.

  2. these are amazing! i love the way you recorded everything - so visual even if most of it is words. i love rereading through old journals... sometimes i wish i was better at keeping a separate journal for more private thoughts now that i keep a blog.

  3. and my mom did a byu study abroad in vienna and loved it. occasionally we can still get her to speak to us in german :)

  4. this is so cute! i love your travel journal.

    xoxo, Oleah

  5. These are so amazing. I always love every journal post you do, but I feel like I could never be this creative! I feel like I only journal (and it's basic, words on lines on paper journaling haha) when I'm sad. Lol.

    You're awesomely intensively inspirationally creative! <3

  6. I just want you to know that I'm so inspired once more by your free spirited creativity. Also, I'm ashamed that I didn't journal much in Vegas, but I'll start now!

    Seriously, I miss you so much. Move back here.

  7. I really adore these art/travel journals. Makes me wish I started scrapjournaling this way much sooner. So much memories are lost to me. This is quite inspiring and encourages me to continue journaling in the new way that I do! Glad to see I'm not the only adult that does stuff like this. -Jess L

  8. Replies
    1. Hi Martina! I used this journal... it is itty bitty, but it makes the pages fill up faster :)
      Also they have a pocket in the back and an elastic band closure.

  9. hahahahha. the underwear story!

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