journaling events

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Here is a little peak inside my Journal! These are some specific pages that really try to capture events that have occurred in my life. 

One of my favorite things to do while journaling is keep things from said event. Ticket stubs, reciepts, napkins. You name it and I have most likely shoved it in my purse before with the intention of pasting it in my journal later. 

As you can see my my tickets stubs page... these are at the top of my list. I had been saving these for awhile intending to journal them all individually. Then I had so many that I decided a ticket page would do just fine. 

When I was journaling our one year anniversary I knew that I wanted to write everything down and create a collage of physical memories. I kept the ticket stub from when we saw the Dark Knight rises and drew a mini version of Navy Pier. I have the receipt from the fancy restaurant that we went to for dinner. Now I can always remember that I had the halibut and Michael had the crab cakes. I also snapped one picture with my instax camera to capture how we were looking in that exact moment. Made for a great overview of the celebratory day. 

For most of my journal additions I use a combination of photo splits and washi tape. I like the photo splits because they are super thin and don't make those weird drying lines that glue tend to. I use those primarily and then accent with washi tape later. 

For other major events I choose one quote that really captures the essence of what has happned. It also is a little bit like a code so when my little brother steals my journal he had no idea what has happend. This works for me now because these specific quotes target very specific memories. It might not work for everyone. And it might not work for me in the future when my memory starts to go. 

What is your favorite way to journal a specific event? 
Please share! I love learning new trips!



  1. Love love love all this journaling. Yours is gorgeous.

  2. Could u take a pic of the outside and how thick it ended up being?