Wisdom and Love

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I think some are wise in love from the very beginning.
My uncle, a practical man, told me he met my aunt when they were college freshmen. They did music theory homework together and ate lunch on picnic benches. They spent the hours of the evening and into the night discussing matters from deep in their souls. 

Christmas break came, and they said said goodbye to travel to opposite sides of the country {Maine and California}, four months after meeting. They both wondered. Wondered about the future, the possibilities, the unknown. She sent him a letter, the big gesture, and a token I believe he was waiting for.

"I've been praying to God for someone I could talk to about things that really matter," she wrote. "He answered that prayer and sent me you."

Sometimes those words sneak into my own prayers. Quietly, in a small corner of my mind, I ask God to please send me someone I can talk to about things that matter. To please send someone who will care enough to care about the things I love, even if he only cares because I do.



  1. beautiful.

    i absolutely love this.

  2. this was the sweetest. i hope you get your wish.

  3. I agree with Harley. The story is beautiful. The sentiment is beautiful. And the attitude and outlook is beautiful.

  4. you are so in the right place to stumble across someone with a heart as big as yours. i love this sweet post.

  5. i love that. "even if he only cares because i do." i think that's a big part of love...treating someone else's important things like they are, indeed, important.