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Thursday, May 17, 2012

{Jane to Harley}

I made this tonight for dinner. She raves and raves about it...I liked it but not as much as she did it sounds like. It sure is healthy though.

Today I have cramps, but it's okay because I got The Young Victoria on DVD in the mail, so I'll probably just curl up on my bed and watch it.

I almost died in Ripped this morning {see above comment about cramps}.

I commented on a bazillion blogs today. It was exhausting, but somehow it made me feel productive. And I found some cute ones.

I got a new calling -- relief society activities committee, so maybe we can start doing fun activities like your ward! I'll probably sign us up to teach about journals again...

I need froyo.

Let's have a planning session for the blog and for your goodbye party.

And can you brief me on the chapter we're supposed to read for tomorrow? Bah. Don't want to read.


{From Harley to Jane}

That email just made me so so so happy!

I miss not talkin to you in personnnn. I shall brief you on said chapter once I read it.

I wondered how we got three new followers today. You are so awesome.

Cramps are the worstest.

You are freaking bomb for working out in the morning. I am too lazy.

That dinner looks impressive. I want to eat some. Michael brought me zupas cause I was starving.

Yay! Let's teach about journals. I want fro yo too!!!!!!!!! So bad.

Goodbye party :( sad but exciting! Let's do it for real.

I'll text you soon!

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