Awkward & Awesome

Thursday, February 23, 2012

-Getting a drink from the drinking fountain, thinking it tastes oddly like lemon water, then noticing old orange peels in the garbage one foot from your face. That's not lemon.
-Leaning back in your desk to stretch and running your hand through the hair of the person behind you. I swear that was an accident...
-Upside down engagement photos. Can't even tell what they look like.
-When Harley sucked up her green inked pen instead of blowing it down to get rid of the bubble. Her tongue may or may not still be green.
-Asking someone if they have a broken tooth when, upon closer examination, that tooth is very much unbroken.
-Mistaking the Angels for the Braves. The A's look exactly the same to me.

-A day off from school and work. I LOVE SLEEPING IN.
-Needing hair products. Going to target. Picking up hair products. Then getting one for free. Just because.
-Google Translate.
-Knowing everyone in a small-town pizza joint.
-When a high school coach pays for your pizza at that small-town pizza joint.
-Spending the entire weekend with a certain boy.
*Disclaimer: All the awks are true, but not all of them happen to me. I pick a few up here and there from friends who tell me their own awkward moments.


  1. My bro is obcessed with Google Translate. He could tell some quite funny stories of how he's used it to play tricks on his buddies.


  2. hahaha. her tongue is still green! tell her to keep it for st. patrick's day!
    sounds like a fantastic weekend.

  3. Sounds like a good time. I wish I could have watched you run your fingers through someone else's hair! ha!

  4. hahahahahahhahhahhaha broken tooth. whoopsie

  5. hahahaha! your awkwards are amazing! ;D yay for knowing everybody....don't you just love those kinda places? :)


  6. did you really run your hands in someone elses hair. pahahaha