"Here's to the backpack run."

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Have you ever tried to fit five people in a photo booth? How 'bout six?
This is Harley and I {sorry for the confusion, but I'm on Har's account posting right now} with a few of our best friends -
the girls we spent three months with last summer while we traveled around Europe {mainly Austria}.
It was magic.
Last week, one of the girls {third of 17} got married, and a few of us were at the reception to celebrate.
We jump on any chance to get together and be c r a z y, as seen by the photos above.
PS Don't mind the one where I look a bit mental. Harley told me, "You kinda look like you're on drugs. Just sayin."
Want to hear a funny story from our summer?
Journal entry June 20, 2010. We hurried to get on the U-4 at Friedensbruke where the Plummers live so we could make it back to Heitzing before our 10:56pm bus left. We knew we were cutting it super close, so we stood at the doors, ready to pull the handles in unison. The subway slowed.
"Here's to the backpack run," I said.
"Here's to making our bus," Harley replied. The subway stopped, and we jerked the doors open and sprinted up the stairs and out the door, only to see our bus pulling away.
"Quick!" I shouted. "We can still make it to the next stop!" We took off running again. The road is under construction, so the bus takes a couple blocks of detour before the first stop.
My heart was bursting out of my chest and my legs felt like jelly, but we both kept running as fast as we could, our bodies being thrown off balance by our heavy backpacks. We made it to the stop, right as the cursed bus pulled up. We climbed on and sank into our normal seats in the back. We looked at each other; hot, sweat dripping down our cheeks and foreheads, and our bodies trembling from the adrenaline rush. We burst into raspy laughter. Neither of us could believe we had really just made the bus.


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  1. Ah dang it I missed the wedding! my invite never came sadly. I hope you all had a blast though.
    p.s. I love reading your blog

    p.p.s I love you both and miss you. and austria.