Awkward, Annoying & Awesome

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

-Flip flops on men in the winter. They're almost too much in the summer.
-Patchwork plaid shorts on men in winter. Ditto.
-Realizing at the end of a good, long Sunday that my slip has been hanging out a few inches in the back, all day.
-When the pianist plays into the next verse unexpectedly. Everyone looks around at each other, starts singing again, but only to be left awkwardly in the middle of a phrase when Mr. Pianist realizes he wasn't supposed to play that verse anyway and stops. Just like that.
-Incorrectly pronouncing the word "pianist." It's PEA-ANN-IST. Say the WHOLE word, thank you very much.
-Asking a freshly RM friend through text "how the marriage prep is going," {referring to the fact that his sister is getting married in a couple days} but the sweet RM misunderstands and replies with a text that says he hasn't found anyone yet, but he's still looking. Nope, nope, that's not what I meant, pal. Sorry about that. Now who feels more awkward about that exchange, me or you?
-Writing about the importance of abstinence until marriage for a religion class and Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" comes on my Pandora.
-Flirting with a boy on the phone when his sister is your roommate and 10 feet away.
-Forgetting deodorant.
-When you put your heavy backpack on a desk and while you're looking away, the desk tips forward. Little top-heavy, anyone?
-Not realizing that your skirt was tucked under until you were all the way across campus. WHY DIDN'T ANYONE TELL ME.

-The kid playing with a slinky next to me during a test.
-Walking back and forth across campus 7, count them, 7 different times. Maybe I should have planned my class schedule a little bit better.
-The battery in my toothbrush slowly giving out.
-Having the tabs on your car expire. Then getting a ticket. Do you really have nothing better to do provo police?! REALLY?


-This picture is from when Jane and I first became friends. We were also tan. I think that qualifies as two awesome things.
-Colbie Caillat's cover of "Here Comes the Sun."
-Spanish nicknames.
- Being married to a danish man that makes mean crepes whenever it suits my fancy. I am spoiled ok? SPOILED.
-Forever 21. Sometimes I hate this store. This week it is on the awesome list. Hello new polka dot shirt. I am saving you for spring.
-Freshly made beds.
-Comfortable flats. I thinks these puppies are hard to come by. That is why I only have a few treasured pairs and boy to I love them.
-First paychecks. WE ARE REAL ADULTS!
-Killing your stats test that you were mucho nervous for. BOOM BABY.
-Writing in all Caps. Emotion people. Emotion.
-Homemade valentines.
-Happy friends.


  1. Brand new to your both are adorable :) and you are both so pretty to boot :)

  2. but can we be honest about those flip flops on men in every season? i hate them.

  3. I took stats last semester. Lets just say by the end it all looked like jibjab.

  4. I love this list. There's a whole lot of awkward happening!

  5. Don't you HATE it when your schedule is all wonky and makes you walk for miles?! Oh well, that's always when I decided I didn't have to go to the gym the whole semester haha. Congrats on having a wonderful crepe making hubby ;)

  6. it is a cultural phenomenon, native to provo utah, that the male population is under the impression that striped polo shirts match with plaid shorts.

  7. your class schedule sounds a. lot. like. mine.