polkadots and peeptoes

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I love these little guys. Besides being awfully cute with the puffballs and the peeptoes, they survived a car accident with me last October. They were loose in my trunk and went flying out onto the freeway when I got hit. I found only one of them {among other scattered things} when I got out of my car, and I didn't think I'd ever see the other. When I went back to the car yard later to empty out everything I had in there, the other shoe was sitting on the passenger seat. I was happy to see we both made it okay.


  1. Not to mention that cute rug (carpet?) you're on :)

  2. oooh I guess these polkas are survivors and definitely a keeper.

  3. Ohh, that gives me an idea for a pair of kinda tired peeptoe flats I have ...

    I'm your newest follower :) I'm going to go exploring now. I saw "wedding" in the labels over on the side. Imma go check that out.