Friday, September 2, 2011

-When your ear suction-cups to someone's face during a hug.
-Tripping over a 4 foot high stool in a crowded hallway.
-When the poor math TA doesn't remember the basic math of lesson 1. Here, buddy, you can look off my paper since I figured it out before you.
-Overalls are coming back. Oh baby.
-What exactly are 'magic markers'? I'm sorry, but those were gone by the time I started using markers.
-Leaving bananas too close to a loaf of bread. It's like banana bread, but nasty.
-Being hungry for lunch at 10:30am. That's when you know you woke up and ate breakfast way to early.
-Guy walking on campus wearing a t-shirt on top and a towel skirt on bottom...
-Making eye contact with someone when they trip right in front of you.
-A wedding album on Facebook with 200 photos. You weren't there? No worries, look through the album at the second-by-second still footage.
-When a girl in the stall next to you breaks her necklace with a bazillion beads and it explodes everywhere. Do you say something? Just pick up the ones in your stall? Walk out quickly before anything else awkward happens?
-Not realizing until class has started that you're on the wrong floor. In the wrong class. And you have to crawl over 24 people to get out. Oh, 'scuze me. Sorry. Pardon my huge backpack that just hit you in the face.
-Trying to pay for lunch with an expired debit card.


  1. A few things: Once I had a math T.A. that looked & sounded like Charlie from It's Always Sunny who also sucked at math; I seriously agree about the overalls; one of my coworkers left banana bread next to a brownie overnight, which is also gross. Great list! :)

  2. haha. thank you for perfectly phrasing the ear-suction.
    and i'm so glad i'm not the only one cringing at the overall comeback. i'm worried boxy, corduroy jumpers are next.

  3. Oh my goodness. I love this. I felt like I have been there _so many times._ Oh dear.

    I never knew that you weren't supposed to keep bananas next to bread... crazy!

  4. haha, i've never had my ear suction cup to someone after hugging, but i have had my earring get caught in someones hair. i imagine it to be just like that.