We'll just call it Wedding week.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Last week was a week of weddings I tell you. 
Not that I went to any. 
But Jane and I went to a lot of wedding-ish activities. 
For me the week consisted of 2 bridal showers and 1 wedding reception. 
For Jane it included 1 bridal shower and 2 receptions.
What can we say?
Maybe we are a smidge popular. But not a lot. 

Brial Shower #1:

Wedding Reception #1:

Bridal Shower #2:
At this Bridal shower I was the designated photographer. My friend Taylor threw the loveliest Tea Party Shower for her friend Amber. We were all in heaven with the quaint decor and proceeded to call Taylor Martha Stewart for the remainder of the evening. 
And you may be wondering... did you cave and eat any cupcakes or cake balls?
and you can too :)

If you want to see pictures of wedding Reception #2 you are going to have ask Jane. I'm sure she would love to oblige you. 
It is a good thing that I like weddings SINCE ALL OF MY FRIENDS ARE GETTING MARRIED.
Exaggeration? Yes. Accept me. 
Happy Monday all. 


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