Do you know what today is??

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

It's National Pancake Day.
Sometimes I love pancakes almost as much as I love pizza.
Except for when I eat too many. This has never happened with pizza, I'm happy to report. I'll post about pizza another day.
Since we're not eating sugar, and since Harley doesn't even make the smallest exceptions {thank goodness}, I made this little purchase last night so we could participate in the pancake-eating festivities.
Sugar-free syrup.
We're still going strong,
are you?



  1. Haha way to go! And nice nails too

  2. But . . . yucky.

    Keehee, Just kidding. Good job on your sugar-fast, it's always a good idea. You're so darn pretty, Kay--I mean, Jane.