I wish it was Fall.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I know it may not look like it but this morning Provo was literally blanketed by snow. I walked to work and by the time I got there my boots, socks and tights were soaked all the way through! Basically the worst feeling in the world. Luckily I have a space heater. Saved the day. And keep my toes toasty warm.
I would show you my outfit... but it is a tad anti climactic soooooo....
I think that we can all agree that Jane is kind of a model and that's all we need to know for now. 
Also. The weekend. Huzzah. 
I am looking forward to a day of thirfting, climbing, and sleeping. 
What are you doing this weekend?


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  1. Such a perfect outfit for a day of exploring.