engagements ~ part 1

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

 photo blush-photography-kayla-engagements-50_zpsed31e151.jpg
 photo blush-photography-kayla-engagements-35_zps642e9851.jpg photo blush-photography-kayla-engagements-39_zps4fbb5a4f.jpg
 photo blush-photography-kayla-engagements-32_zps7f6ded7a.jpg
 photo blush-photography-kayla-engagements-20_zps994e335d.jpg photo blush-photography-kayla-engagements-29_zps9af729bd.jpg
 photo blush-photography-kayla-engagements-17_zps0c210e9e.jpg

Brooke Davis of Blush Photography took our photos. We couldn't ask for a better photographer!

Now that school is over (last final is done and I'll be a college grad by the end of the week!), I will have more time to spend on H&J. I'm planning a series of wedding prep tips, including finding a good photog and learning about love languages. Stay tuned, yeah?

xo, Jane


  1. oh.my.goodness. you look absolutely stunning friend! these pictures turned out so great!

  2. These e-photos are absolutely gorgeous! The setting in the forest is perfect, and makes me want to go hiking exploring with my beau too! Definitely looking forward to part 2 :)

  3. You are SO beautiful - so incredibly gorgeous. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  4. Beautiful pictures!
    You both look so cute together.


  5. These are stunning! Y'all look so happy :)

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  7. Whoops sorry, i tried to comment but it was logged in as youuuu. sorry! Anyway, I was going to say that they are beautiful and my favorite is the colored one, 6th from the bottom, of you both sitting on the log. prrrobably could be used for a modeling shoot in a famous magazine.

  8. Check out that boootay!!! Love you and love this so much. You guys seriously look so perfect with each other:)