what harley wore: a farewell to winter

Thursday, April 25, 2013

boots: steve madden // pants: AE // shirt: thrifted // sweater: halogen (supa old) // scarf: from macys clearance a million years ago

This is my go-to outfit: boots//jeans//shirt//sweater//scarf//glasses//done. 

Since I bought these boots I have worn them nearly everyday. Boots are difficult for me. For some reason I was blessed with larger than average calves. No knee high boots for this girl.  I am not sure why I was blessed with huge claves -- I am by no means what one would call muscular. So ankle boots suit me just fine.  As a matter of face I should really pick up a few more pairs. Anyone know where I can grab a deal on some? This girl is on a TIGHT budget. 



  1. Great scarf! Love the paisley with the striped top. I've found great ankle boots at DSW ... so prices are usually pretty reasonable there.

  2. i love your hairdo! i have yet to master the french roll. im thinking my hair is just too fine to look good in it. so for that reason, i'll be living my hair fantasies through you : )

  3. What a wonderful outfit to say goodbye to winter in! I am so excited for summer! xx. McKenna Lou

  4. I, too, have larger than normal calves and have my whole life! I can only pull off booties. No knee high boots for me either although some companies have started making wider calf boots so I'll have to do some searching! Love your outfit and especially the boots! xo, Kayleigh (thegottahaveitgirl.com)

  5. I have huge calves. Finding boots was so hard for me - I highly recommend trying Cole Haan - I'm in love with mine!

    Found your blog through the blog hop - would love a follow back!

    - Heather