Politics: Obama vs. Romney

Monday, August 13, 2012

I told myself that I would leave this off the blog, but I was having a conversation yesterday that I cannot seem to push from my mind. Politics are ridiculous. Being in advertising I cannot believe the crap that gets put on air for the American people to see. When did running for President become about slandering the other person instead of about the issues?

There are many things I don't understand about the issues, but I have decided that I want to be as informed as possible for the 2012 Presidential Election. I want to vote based on an informed decision. I don't want to be an idle bystander. In order to accomplish this I will be doing my own research and sharing what I find here. Hopefully it will be helpful and encourage you to get out and vote. 

Things need to be simplified. I am not saying that these issues are simple. I just want to make information a little bit easier to digest. 

I will not be sharing my political leanings at any point. I will only be disclosing, to the best of my ability, the unbiased facts that I find online as I research different political issues. A couple of issues I intend to dive into are:

Health Care
Women's rights
Economic Stimulus 

If you have any thoughts or issues you are concerned about please let me know. This is important. I feel really lucky to live in America and can't wait to make my contribution. 



  1. You should change the Abortion topic to Women's Rights, since the coverage/accessibility of birth control & mammograms are also a political issue in this election.

    You could throw in public funding of education (including FAFSA, students loans, Pell Grants, as well as direct funds to schools), too, if you wish.

    Gun control?
    Same sex marriage?

    (Just suggestions haha.)

    Good luck on your quest! ;)

  2. I don't mind when people have strong political opinions, unless they have those opinions for NO reason and have not done any research! That's what drives me crazy.

    Also, when did running for President becoming about slandering the other person? All of my American History classes have taught me that it's pretty much always been that way. The commercials might be new, but the tactics aren't.

    I also can't wait to vote in November. I love voting!

  3. i am in your boat with the wanting to be informed. i also hate political season. mostly because people are so HATEFUL. i can't handle the unkindness and extremism from all sides.

  4. This is awesome! Such a great post and I totally agree with you!