journal prompt 5 // write a letter to yourself

Monday, August 13, 2012

Harley & Jane

dear 12-year-old Harley-

School doesn't matter until you at in 9th grade. Stop stressing out about every single little assignment. Go outside and climb trees with your brother. Ride your bike over to Chelsea's house and jump on her trampoline. 

Cherish those sweatpants you love. Navy blue with an orange stripe down the side. As an adult you won't get to spend everyday nearly as comfortable. 

dear 14-year-old Harley-

I would suggest not trying out for the cheerleading team. Perhaps try your hand at theater instead?

dear 16-year-old Harley-

When you are leaving the movie theater put your favorite sweater INSIDE your purse. If you don't someone will swipe it and then you will mourn it for years to come. 

dump him. dump him now.

dear 18 year old Harley-

You are about to leave home and go to college. You are thrilled, but remember where you came from. Remember your family. That they love you. Remember your friends. They only want what is best for you. 

You mom is going to get a Facebook. It doesn't matter how you feel about it. Add her as a friend immediately and love her for the worried texts she sends regarding your recent status update. 

The boy that breaks your heart will make you stronger. I would tell you not to date him, but you need to. You need to go through that to become who you will be. He is not a terrible person- you two are just different. Embrace those differences about yourself. 


  1. Ha! I love the part about your mom sending your worried texts b/c of your facebook statuses. My mom used to do the same thing every time she read my super emo blog. And then she'd call my sister and ask her what she thought it meant. Poor moms! Must be a rough gig.

  2. You know that you post statuses just so that I WILL ask and you secretly love it. ;)

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