Insta Wrap

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1. Church
2. Ironic
3. Possible new glasses
4. Water Taxi to work  
5. Mr. Potato Head Leo Burnett
6. Late outfit for the 4th of July
7. Intern Shirt
8. Solo Sushi date 
9. Pattern
10. What I did instead of Relief Society


  1. OMG! Are you interning for Leo Burnett?!?! That place is amazing! My uncle used to work there (in the Chicago office!) and I was always so jealous of him. Way to go with that internship! Impressive!

  2. Um, now I really want sushi. So thanks. :) Looks like a lovely few days.

  3. Hi Harley and Jane! Love your blog so much and I was wondering if you're interested in doing a sponsor swap! I would love to have you, your blog is just too great.
    Pa. Come enter my fashion illustration giveaway!

  4. Somehow I keep finding myself navigating to y'all's (always feel ridiculous writing that) blog via Alyx's, and I've just gotta say I love it!

  5. okay harley - i have to tell you how much i love those glasses! ughhh...very cool without being hipster/posey :0) and now i have a sushi craving tee hee