awkward and awesome

Thursday, July 12, 2012

  • Being flirty chatty with a guy who, when we stood up, was a foot shorter than I.
  • Only one person coming to my Relief Society activity.
  • When a giant rug caught as I opened a door to the point where I couldn't squeeze through and had to go in another door. And of course, there was someone right behind me.
  • Being the only one around when the BYU soccer team kicked a ball over a giant fence. I tromped through waist-high weeds and thistles to get their ball and then mustered all the arm force I possess and managed to barely clear the fence. While they watched.
  • How the smell of dumpster doesn't only make make me nauseous; it also makes me want to cry.
  • Bragging to the world about how cool I am for patching my own bike tire, only to find it flat again the next morning.
  • Pumping myself up in spin class by repeating, "Katniss Everdeen wouldn't even be out of breath. Be tough, be tough, be tough like Katniss..."
  • The days there seems to be no hope in looking any better than a doormat.
  • The tanning lotion spot on my neck that looks like a hickey, confirmed by two people so far.
  • Brother telling me his "gluteus maximus flexor" is sore. Thanks, thanks for that.
  • Getting dressed according to the weather at 7am. Just because it's only 60 degrees doesn't mean I'll be chilly all day and that I should wear a long skirt and long sleeved shirt. Excuse me while I go fan myself.
  • Hitting a guy in the butt with the purse on my arm when I hugged him.

  • How my finance professor, who is Russian and as lovely as any movie star, could get Chris Hemsworth if she wanted.
  • A surprise trip home.
  • Anticipating The Hunger Games coming to the dollar theater. It's like Christmas Eve...
  • Summer rain.
  • Being back in piano lessons.
  • Fireworks with five-year-olds who want to hang out with me.
  • My birthday month.
  • Summer freckles sprinkled across my cheeks, neck and shoulders.
  • Waking up in a cold room because it finally cooled off during the night.
  • Little brother donating a Flying J gift card to my gasoline-for-coming-home fund.


  1. I should start trying to channel Katniss whilst working out... but does she do yoga?

    Love this post!

    1. Hmm...good question. But would she do spinning? It's just the attitude you've got to channel I guess.

      PS I need to do yoga with you! Where are you living? Come down here on a Tuesday night and we should go to Jenny's class in Springville!

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  3. YES! I made 2 of them this time haha. p.s. i tried to comment but it was in moms name... so thats why it says its deleted haha

    1. Haha that tricked meeee. Thanks for giving me funny stuff to write, and congrats for making it in twice.

  4. Love this. I'm so glad the soccer ball made it over. PS can't wait to see Hunger Games!!

    1. Thanks for appreciating the embarrassing struggle it was. SERIOUSLY can't wait for the HG -- let's go six times a week!

  5. this post is the best...ever. ditto for that sleeping bag.

    1. AGREED. That thing makes me cringe.

  6. It's good to know I'm not the only one who can make the easiest task awkward. I consider us extremely talented!

  7. haha! I saw that sleeping bag thing on pinterest. its so ridiculous...or brilliant haha

  8. these awkward moments i can relate to! glad i'm not the only one :) i love awkward moments!

  9. ha - this post made me lol.. thanks for the laughs ;)


  10. Love A&A. Officially obsessed with your blog. Also, completely agree on the dumpster thing. And the summer heat makes it ten billion times worse.