Awk. & Awesome.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

-When you take the last step before opening a door and your foot slips on the slush, propelling your legs apart into an awful almost-splits.
-The caramel candies called "Nips." They really didn't think that one through.
-Walking out of the bathroom with your shirt unintentionally tucked in.
-Forgetting fake glasses are not sunglasses. Nope. Can't people watch in fake glasses.
-When you can find the men's bathroom but not the women's. You'd think they'd be close.
-Seeing a man leaning over a man-hole-type-thing yelling down into it, "Just push up! Push harder!" Well this is weird.
-Taking a sarcastic text seriously and worrying about it for two hours before you realize they were kidding.
-Running into Plato's Closet to use the bathroom, finding it locked, running next door to use someone else's bathroom, finding no bathroom, returning to Plato's and the employees asking you if you need to use their bathroom. Yes. Yes I do. Turns out they always keep it locked and have to unlock it every time someone needs to use it. What are we, four years old?
-Finishing lunch before noon. Now what? I have class until 7pm tonight...Vending machine, here I come.
-The freakout that happens after your feather earring attacks your ear and you think it's a large bug or a small bird.
-Losing the doorknob to our room. Don't even know how that happened.

-Being home with so much extended family and one particular boy.
-The warm woodstove at home.
-Brother being the funniest Daddy Warbucks in any high school musical.
-"Angel" by Jack Johnson.
-Being able to do 40 push ups in a row.
- From Harley - Your husband surprising you with three consecutive lunch dates in a row. The third of those being a trip to the grocery store because you haven't been in three weeks. 


  1. Angel might just be the sweetest thing ever. And I feel your pain about the feather earrings... it makes for really awkward eye contact with passerby after you slap your ear a few times :P
    PS: My awkward moment? Somehow almost typing "humpers" instead of "jumpers" just now....

  2. One time I was at a work conference and I was wearing feather/chain earrings that hang down past my shoulders. In the dark auditorium, as I leaned over my macbook to get something off the floor, my earrings decided to adhere themselves to the magnetic part of my laptop. Thus, they made a loud clattering noise. Thus, I was unable to use both hands to free myself because I had to use one hand to keep my macbook balanced on my lap. Thus, everyone around me saw me struggling to free my head from my laptop.