Guest Post: Lowercase Letters

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm on the phone with my Nana. My curiosity is peeked as she proceeds to tell me about this book her former co-worker gave to her as a gift. The next time I drop by Nana's house, the book is eagerly put into my hands. The Christmas Jar, the title reads. The cover is catchy enough and I soon begin the book.
I can't put it down. I finish devouring the whole book in just a few hours time.
The story goes of how an adopted girl mysteriously receives a jar full of money on her doorstep after her only family member dies. Her journey to track down the giver is adventurously portrayed with great suspense. This true story of her discovery of the giver and his story is beyond inspiring. The entire town is changed because of it.
The zeal to begin my own jar grew. An old, big, smelly pickle jar I soon found and placed on the kitchen counter. Each time the lid is opened, a sour smell wafts out as a coin is dropped in.
The goal is to have the jar filled by Christmas to then be anonymously given to a family in need. This is one of my New Year's resolutions. My family has even joined in on the journey to fill the Christmas jar.
This Christmas just can't get here soon enough. Great things will unfold, I can feel it.

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