Awkward & Awesome

Monday, January 16, 2012

-The random tweet you get from your ex-boyfriend.
-Running into ex-boyfriend on a date.
-The "should I hug him or shouldn't I" dance.
-Thinking you are doing something really awesome at work and then being told it actually wasn't so awesome.
-Failing a current events quiz when that's basically your major.
-This Picture... 

-To the lady who climbed into our car while we were at the post office... we think of you often. It wasn't until you were actually inside the car sitting down pulling the door closed that you realize we weren't your family. Funny considering we were in a gold minivan and you were driving a black Honda. 

-Getting a hair cut when you haven't had one for 6 MONTHS PEOPLE.
-Auditioning for a play. I forget how much I like acting.
-Working Out everyday this week! Hello news years resolutions
-No school on Monday.
-Having twitter hashtag conversations through texting with sister.
-Receiving free goods for being a blogger.  So glad we have claimed this little piece of the internet as 
our own.
- Homemade jam from your neighbors. YUM.


  1. Your neighbors sound better than ours. Homemade jam? Yes please! Ours just least us notes from the "homeowners association" reprimanding us for breaking rules. Lame.

  2. your 'awkward's are too funny!

  3. haaaaaaaaaahahaahahhahahahahaha!!!! i need to follow this blog cause its actually adding years to my life laughing!

    love K