awkward, annoying & awesome

Friday, January 20, 2012

-The day my sisters and I started calling each other "silsty."
-The people who complain about walking to campus to work out. The irony.
-Poor sister leaving her wallet in my purse when she went back to school.
-Poor sister trying to explain to the post office people she couldn't show them her ID to get the package because her ID was inside said package.
-When autocorrect changes, "Meet me in the newsroom" to, "Meet me in the bedroom."
-When you lose a lotion scandalously called "Sensuous Nude" and find it the next day on your male coworker's desk. Umm...sorry, that's mine.

-The honesttogoodness 30 emails I get from Pinterest everyday.
-How cold my forearms get when I wear 3/4 length sleeves.
-When letters get lost in the abyss of the postal system. Dumb. it really necessary/possible to take up THE ENTIRE SIDEWALK.
-Paying for internet that my computer can never seem to find.

-When little sisters compliment your face even though it's a morning face.
-When sister risks her life to take a bus down to Provo to spend the weekend with you.
-Finally learning how to put fake dreads in my hair. Thank you silsty.
-Gifts from Harley on terrible Tuesdays.
-Half off sushi at Happy Sumo.
-A boss who keeps track of and celebrates every weird holiday, including National Popcorn Day, National Pancake Day, National Chocolate Day and National Bread Day. HelloILoveYou.


  1. I love the addition of annoying! You two have the cutest blog.

  2. LOVE. love it all silst. i think the one about silst could probably qualify in all three of the categories haha but it's my favorite wordddddddd. levi needs to see these pront. also, i tried changing my picture three times and i think it still shows up as a blank. dumbbb

  3. it's solved! never mind about that last part

  4. your boss does sound awesome.
    I'm into popcorn day- did I miss it?

  5. dear jane. remember how i'm obsessed with your hair? obsessed to the point where it's bordering on creepy? i'm going to need to see these fake dreds asap. i'm so jealous of your locks. but really...

  6. Yes yes yes yes. Best one yet.