2 Week Check

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dear Sugar, 

It has been two whole weeks and I wish I could say that I missed you, but I actually feel great. I feel myself growing stronger. Instead of eating you for breakfast I have a power packed smoothie full of fruit and spinach. It's delicious. When people at work offer me store bought cookies and brownies I turn them down. I let you find your final resting place in somewhere else. My energy levels have tripled. I no longer wake up in a sleepy daze. When the alarm rings at 7am I am ready to go. I have been motivated to work out. Zumba is my favorite. Eating well + working out = plenty of energy to accomplish whatever I want. I think that this break up has been for the best. 

Hope you're doing well, 

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  1. Zumba is so fun, isn't it?! Congrats on going without all the sugar- I've done it for a month at a time and can't imagine doing it for a year! :)