My Twilight.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In the spirit of all things spooky {plus the Breaking Dawn trailer was recently released}, I have cast my own version of Twilight. This woman did it too, and I really liked some of her characters, {giving all credit to her, I may use some of her ideas}.

Bella: Emily Browning. I think she was on Stephenie Meyer's original cast wishlist. If I can forget about her psycho role in The Uninvited, I think she would make a sweet little Bella. She has softer features than Kristen Stewart does, which is more how I imagined Bella.

Edward: Henry Cavill. I haven't seen much of him in other films, but he's 100% Edward in this picture. Smouldering, over the shoulder gaze? Check. Troubled eyes? Check. Chiseled face of the gods? Check. Oh baby.
Alice: Samaire Armstrong. She was in Stay Alive and Just My Luck, and both times all I could think was how perfect she would be as Alice. She's such a pixie already, and she's got this husky, sexy voice.
Jasper: Penn Badgley. He's serious. He's pretty. He's slim and trim. Also, he doesn't look like he wants to shoot razor blades at everyone. What a nicer looking Jasper he would be. Also...he doesn't use dollar store gel to fix his hair.
Rosalie: Blake Lively. Tell me that's not Rosalie. Stunningly gorgeous, tall, naturally blonde, intimidating.
Emmett: Chace Crawford. {Unfortunately, three of my Cullens are from Gossip Girl, but I promise I picked that out before I even started watching Gossip Girl.} He's rugged and has that laid-back, likes-to-tease attitude.

Jacob: Steven Strait. Oh hey baby. Did you see him in The Covenant? What a beaut.Esme: Leslie Mann. The pretty mama in 17 Again? She's lovely. I don't know who I would choose for Carlisle...any suggestions?

So there you have it. Who would you choose?


  1. Maybe one day they'll re-do these movies with our favorite actors :) except Jackson Rathbone as Jasper, I love him! OH and I LOVE Steven Strait. The Covenant?! You're one of like, three people I know to have seen that. Glorious.

  2. i was ready to comment on this post (i was really excited) then my boss walked by my cubicle and i freaked and closed down. but it's okay, because i'm back.
    HENRY CAVILL. he is the perfect edward. i remember my sister and i printing out this exact picture and taping it on our wall. i really wish they had cast him. the movies could have been so much better.
    i never would have thought about using the gossip girl cast, but i love both those boys and i can definitely see it. and esme?! perfect. i hate everyone they've chosen for the movies. stupid casting company. they should have just hired you.

  3. Blake Lively is so Rosalie! That would've never crossed my mind but it's perfect :)

  4. I think your cast list is fantastic! {and we can't help it that everyone on gossip girl is amazing looking, just like the Cullens!}