Last week...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I wore this last week. 
And I thrifted these flats. I love them.
Go Team.  
For Halloween last night the Husband and I went to Costco. 
Sometimes I don't like cooking and dinner there is super cheap. 
It was EMPTY and full of free samples.
Then we went home and passed out candy to the cutest little trick-o-treaters on the planet. 
Also I did homework.
Yay for being an adult. 

Sweet Serendipity


  1. you look so good! But you already know that, since i already told you like a million times ...

  2. cute shoes! You are so gorgeous in every way.

    And being an boring adult is nice sometimes. :) I stayed in for Halloween writing lesson plans for my third graders while eating candy I bought for myself.

  3. you look gorgeous. i can't get over it. and the gold! oh the gold!! it even makes your hair look shiny and expensive.

  4. now i'm just commenting all over your blog! sorry! : ) this is a gorgeous outfit - you look awesome!