Friday, October 14, 2011

-Accidentally sending a text to the wrong person. Especially when the text is complaining about having cramps.
-Staying in a ball during yoga due to said cramps.
-Wearing white ju jitsu pants around campus.
-Stopping to look at a poster 5 feet in front of a landscape telescope, and the guys have to ask you to please move your torso out of their frame.
-Getting a surprise attack in self defense. I apparently haven't learned as much as I thought because that girl had me pinned to the ground.
-Overhearing this telephone conversation:
"I just don't think I like boys anymore...I think I'm asexual."

{These aren't mine, and they shall remain anonymous for the safety of the awkward haha...}
-When your roommate wants to hold your hand and asks if she can have your boyfriend.
-When you don't know the bishop's counselors names because you haven't been to your actual ward yet and then get called into an interview with one of the unknowns. Unknown #1 is sitting with his back to you in his office, so naturally you say "um brother reese?" hoping to get lucky. Nothing. *Awkwardly clear throat.* Still nothing. Finally he turns around and says, "Do I look like Brother Reese?" Not knowing if he was joking or not, all I could do was one of those hesitant 'ha. ha has' Unknown #2 luckily comes out of the doors and I coward away. I never want to see unknown #1's face again.


  1. hahaha! These are fabulous. I love how adorable you sound even during awkward moments.

  2. Love these. And don't worry, the text wasn't awkward at all! :)

  3. hahaha. these are all so good. this may be one of the best awkward lists i've ever read.