a memory of harry potter

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I resisted joining the Harry Potter movement, just like I resisted Twilight and Hunger Games. I lasted until I was about 10. I lived in Spokane, and my best friend wouldn't relent about this Hogwarts nonsense. I assured her that, no, I was perfectly content without wizards in my life and I didn't like science fiction anyway.

So she bought me the beautiful hardback for my birthday.

I had to read it; you can't not read a hardback someone gifts you. I started it. I stopped. I restarted. I stopped again. Finally I got past the awful Dursleys and into the Hogwarts Express, and then I didn't want put the book down.

In rereading it the last few days, I can't believe how much I've missed this wonderful, magical world! I feel nostalgic and warm, and the world makes sense again.

I liked this quote from one of the people in the Leaky Cauldron who is meeting Harry for the first time,

"I'm all of a flutter."

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