sometimes we're awkward. but mostly awesome.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

-Being the pedestrian in an intersection where cars from every direction are somehow turning toward you. Do you go for it or scurry back?
-The Oompa Loompas walking around campus because DanceSport {ballroom comp} starts tonight. Orange spray tans, fake eyelashes to China, and slicked buns. Who decided that would be the requirements? And for men and women nonetheless...
-People posting bodily functions and other nasties on their Facebook statuses. We don't want to know what your dog rolled in or what came out of your nose last night. Spare me, I beg you.
-Wedding announcements containing not one, but 13 photos. I mean, obviously they look so fabulous in all of them to only choose one. Everyone wants a collage of a couple in love on their fridge.
-Mustache March in Provo. Actually, mustaches in general are awkward.
-The taller stair in my house I trip over every single time I run up the stairs.
-This text + photo from Sister: "Torpedo much?? I'd Awkward and Awesome that."


-When teachers cancel class. I feel a smidge of guilt for not being more sorry that the reason for canceling is due to him being sick...
-It's the season for Samoas and Thin Mints, my lovelies. I give you permission to freeze your boxes and break 'em out when the sugar fast is ovahhh. I tried to talk my mama into giving me justification for eating only one yesterday. She refused. Thank goodness.
-There's talk of making Casual Thursdays a regular thing.
-The pair of black glitter TOMS on their way to my house through the post.
-This perfect scene in The Young Victoria. I get goosebumps every time.
-Sister is coming to visit tomorrow night!
-This picture Sister came up with of two of our favorite people: Syd and Junie B. Jones who bear freakish resemblance.


  1. I always wanted to be exactly like Junie B. Jones. IF ONLY!

    Very awkward and VERY awesome :)

  2. Mine and Scott's ONLY announcement rule was no picture collages. They are ridiculous-- especially when the pictures get so small you can't even see them.

  3. That collage is super cute ;)
    Loved your awkward and awesomes!

  4. SOOOO with you on the collages on invitations. By far my fav invitiations are only having one picture and no more. p.s. where did you buy your glitter toms?! And how much? I've been wanting a pair for ages

  5. Oh my, the orange spray tans that people think look so "natural" are very awkward.