We don't use clothes for napkins.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This is my cool vest... It's name is Gilligan. 

This is my not so hip outfit. I will one day find out how to make this cool or I'll die trying. Gilligan deserves better. 

While we were taking pictures today some boys starting cheering and asking if they could be in the pictures. I told them that they were more than welcome and then they ran away. Too bad. I know ALL of our male readers would have loved some inspiration hahah.
I'm talking to you Alex. 



  1. try a white loose shirt with the vest undone and shiny long necklaces and your hair curly? and dark blue skinny jeans? See if you like that. I can totally picture it (:

  2. Melissa... that sounds amazing. RESTYLE coming right up.

  3. hey! i have that blue shirt now! haha just thought i would tell you that!