Awkward & Awesome. We begin.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

We break down.
Awkward and Awesome
Here it is.

-Panicking when we thought the girl outside the window at work holding a machine gun. It was a tripod.
-Stumbling into 8am class late every morning, huffing and puffing with a flushed face. Why yes, I run to get here predictably 4 minutes late everyday.
-Having to unbutton a new pair of jeans. Food baby anyone? And then realizing 2 hours later it's still unbuttoned.
-Drinking my soup due to forgetting a spoon.
-Seeing people from Freshman year that you didn't really know then and definitely don't know now
-When you're standing in the post office with one other person and the employees are MIA. Options: ring the bell or cough loudly...?
-Handing your teacher an A W F U L first draft. I almost want to put a disclaimer at the top: Please don't feel obligated to read this. I'm completely aware it's embarrassingly terrible. Next one will be better. Promise.
-Harley & I rock climbing. Saying a reassuring, I'm cool only takes us so far. We're workin' on improving the upper body strength though -- no worries.
-Teacher calling on you in class. You open your eyes from the peaceful nap you have been having, forget where you are, realize where you are and make up some completely bogus response to the question you didn't hear.

+Comment of guy walking up the stairs to campus with his friend: What's this one-stair prancing thing you're doing? {As he takes two or three at a time.}
+One more class before it's the weekend for Harley & me.
+One sweet grandma packing lunch for me yesterday.
+Not feeling guilty about spending money on workout clothes. Hey, it's an investment since you're more likely to work out if you're wearing something saucy, right?
+The word saucy.
+Glitter TOMS. I might be caving.
+Getting $4 in change from the vending machine in gold dollars. What the heck?
+You heard about Harley's iPod right?
+Harley spending the weekend with her boy. Yes. She has one. You guys will have to be introduced.
+The fabulous DIY we have coming up. Are you jumping up and down with excitement right now? Cause you should be.


  1. Sometimes I think about caving and doing this awkward and awesome thing. But I pretty much just don't want to but that button on my profile. Is that terrible?

  2. NO! it's not terrible at all. we held out for a long time, but we caved.

  3. Get the glitter TOMS. I have them in gold and I am OBSESSED. Your feet will love you forever.

  4. Oh how I have wanted to put disclaimers on my papers before. This whole post was so well stated I swear you read my mind! I have put a disclaimer about my handwriting on an essay test before.

  5. I loveeeee your header, miss! Dude I LOVE the Daybook! <3 !

    Enter my GIVEAWAY ay-sap! :)