How we became Harley and Jane {Part I}

Thursday, March 3, 2011

October 2009
Harley & I met 1.5 years ago in an info meeting about the Vienna study abroad. I was quiet and let everyone else ask the questions. Harley made it known she wanted to get to Austria; everyone better sign up so she could go or else. In other words, Harley is a little ball of fire when she wants something to happen.

{Photo is before we knew we would become H&J. Thus, the sad faces.}

January 2010
Apparently enough people signed up, because 17 of us found ourselves in an old classroom for two hours on Tuesday nights. We practiced the German alphabet, learned how not to look like tourists, and stole glances around the room and wondered who we would spend the summer with as roommates.

{On our way to a Viennese club.}

March 2010
Our professor brought the list of roommate arrangements, and Harley & I were paired. I think we both were slightly relieved at the seemingly normalcy of the other, but also wondering what the summer would be like with our contrasting personalities.

{Exhausted on the train back to Vienna.}

May 2010
We still hadn't really talked before we got on the plane and flew to Europe. We got to our host home, picked which room we each wanted and unpacked. From there, we fell into a routine and it wasn't long before our classmates knew us as an inseparable pair.

{If I remember right, this is outside our favorite gelato shop where we spent much of our time and pocket change.}

July 2010
We discovered in both of us a love for all things beautiful, quirky, colorful, sparkly, and unique, as well as a need to share all that love for beauty with the world. Thus, H&J were born.

{In the Austrian countryside wearing daisy crowns made by Harley. Photo by Mika.}

To be continued...


  1. Love the pic of you guys passed out on the train. :P You should tell the underwear (or lack thereof) story. That's a good one! :D

  2. And thus...they also learned that one had a roommate that the other was going to have!
    I love this story! :D I can't wait to hear more!!!!! :)
    ♥ love you both!

  3. SO TRUE. We need to put that in there.

  4. Love this story. Love that you two are such good pals. Treasure it, it doesn't come very often!

  5. This is adorable! And the pictures are great too.