iPod joy.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Once upon a time I had my iPod in my favorite leather purse.


In that same fabulous purse I had a water bottle thats lid just happened to come unscrewed. 
This is the horror all electronics hide from.
They bundle up in their phone cradles and ipod docks and shudder. 
I was walking to campus when I noticed that my leg felt wet. 


I look down.
Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink.
I race home and attempt to revive my cell phone and ipod.
The cell phone survives, but alas the iPod does not. 
Or so I thought.

Fast forward 1 year.
I have lost my brand new iPod nano that was gifted to me two Christmas's ago after the fatal incident. 
During the search I stumble upon my iPod classic and think, "Why not?"
I plug the bad boy into the computer. 
It synchs. 
It charges.
It plays music.

And that is the story of the iPod that lived. 

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