10 Things I Love About Utah

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

1. The people that live here.
2. How when the sun comes out it is instantly warm.
3. The restaurant options that await me {Zupas, Cafe Rio, need I say more?}
4. The mountains. At night the snow on them looks a little bit like clouds.
5. The smell of Utah when it rains.
6. The salt flats.
7. This place I always go to see shows. Issac Russel, Neon Tree, Sayde Price, Mudbison. Just to name a few.
8. ALL OF THE FROZEN YOGURT PLACES. Vanilla with raspberries and French granola. Every. Single. Time.
9. Sundance.
10. The absurd number of small boutiques and thrift stores located in a small concentrated area.  

Just trying to give myself some posivtive thoughts to make it through the remainder of this winter :) When you grow up in western Washington and the weather hardly ever dips below 32 degrees... these Utah winters take patience. And lots of it.

What do you love about your state?



  1. It is like regular granola... but oh so much better. It is a little bit sweeter and comes in clusters with nuts. YUMMMMMMMMMMM. Yozone my favorite place in Provo is the one that carries it. Alright I'll stop rambling now. :)BUT I JUST LOVE IT SO!