Yesterday I met a rockstar.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sorry sorry sorry for not posting yet! I need to do better about posting earlier since I know that's when everyone wants something new.


Wanna hear about yesterday?

I don't have photos yet {my camera died. of course.}, and my friend can't get the ones he took until 5pm tonight. They'll definitely be up as soon as I get them.

Caitlin and I spent ALL DAY at Energy Solutions with a backstage pass; we wandered around the underbelly of the stadium, watched them assemble the entire set and stage, and chatted with the opening band, Ryan Star. They were so rad.

Unfortunately, we didn't get to meed Bon Jovi. We tried and hoped and crossed our fingers, but to no avail. But Jon Bon Jovi is S.U.C.H an incredible performer. We got to watch the concert, and I was blown away at how awesome they were. It was practically a two hour cardio workout. Also, he's quite attractive for a 49-year-old legend.

I'll post photos by tonight, as long as I get them, so check back! And in the next couple days maybe I'll post a Q&A of the fun parts of our Ryan Star interview. Did I say they were rad?

This is what I was thinking all day: {besides the obvious, it-would-suck-to-be-married-to-someone-constantly-on-the-road}

How awesome would it be to be married to a rockstar?


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