Hiding From a Friend Called SUGAR.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Among other current obsessions, Harley & I have have a little baby problem with things like this:

And this...
Maybe these too...
We save recipes, bake for friends and anyone else who will eat them, dream about them {I speak for myself on that one}, and basically...love anything with sugar.


Solution. No sugar for 30 days. More specifically, no junk food sugar {see photos above}. We're still eating things like jam and pita chips {ohmyheck have you tried the pita chips from Costco?!}. Personally I think it's easier to have a simple excuse to turn down every turtle brownie, maple doughnut, and gooey chocolate chip cookie held up to my nose.

"No thank you. I'm avoiding sugar for 30 days."

February 23rd to March 23rd. Today is Day 1.

We're in. How 'bout you?

I found all the photos on google and claim none of them as my own. I promise to remember attributions next time!


  1. If I weren't in Europe... I might partake.
    However, heading to Paris next week is going to ruin any "no sugar" plans I might have. I don't have willpower like that.

  2. This is my pledge - ya'll can hold me to it until March 23rd! NO sweets starting right now! Thanks for changing my life Harley & Jane! -Ashley

  3. aahh. so scary. but ashley just made me promise.

  4. i'm a sugar addict too. every time i promise myself i'm going off of it i FAIL. good luck to you two! :)

  5. I'M IN!!!
    Wait...can I have a cut off? I have to take a bite out of my own wedding cake... Like the 19th? :D

  6. I've done that too! I lasted about 2, maybe 2.5 months. It was awesome! Although I'm not going to lie, once I went back to sugar it made my stomach ache for quite some time. But it'll pass :)