And the obsession continues.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

  • Today is Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday. 
  • I cannot stop thinking about the reese's easter egg I have waiting for me in my backpack. I am trying to save it for when I need it the most. After I take my exam tomorrow possibly? 
  • On windy blustery days such as these you need a sweater to keep you warm. I'm wearing this one.
  • I should be studying for my exam. Curse you Media literacy. 
  • Pretty things distract me more than they should. In that respect I suppose I am a little like a bird. Which is okay because I kind of like birds. Say bird. Out loud. Bird. Isn't it kind of a bizarre word?
  • Here are some INSPIRATIONAL hair pieces. They are from the new 2011 Twigs and Honey collection. I tell you when I saw them today I swooned a little bit inside. And yes I may have been looking at them during class. And it is quite possible that I have no idea what went on in said Literary Theory class. Oh silly Tuesday pretending to be Monday. 

I apologize for my disjointed thoughts. It's monday you know. 
Umm... I mean Tuesday that feels like a Monday. 



  1. I looked at Twigs and Honey when I was engaged and planning my wedding. It was too expensive, and took too long for my 2 month engagement. They are beautiful, though.

  2. AH! If only I looked I really want a headband for my wedding's in 3 weeks :(