a peek into my journal.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Journaling is my first love. Harley and I became obsessed with it during our Vienna study abroad, and we've been hopeless journalers ever since. I wanted to offer some ideas to you to improve your own journaling experience, because we both believe it's so important -- and awfully fun. So here are a few pictures of mine from the last week or two.
I write quotes everywhere in my journal. It gives a good slice-of-life feel, and reading back over my entries, I can remember the way I felt and what inspired me that day because of the lyrics or quotes.
I got this idea from something on Pinterest. My doodling skills aren't the sharpest, so I'm always looking for new ideas of what to draw on the edge of my pages.
This is a goals page. For that particular day, I decided to split it into these categories and then wrote exactly what I wanted to change.
I've been drawing in calendars for years. I like to carry around my journal in my purse or backpack {an obsession, like I said}, and this is the most effective and efficient way to keep track of my month. These are easy pages to make more colorful than others.
This is the opening page. I like to make the first and last page especially pretty. This is a simple collage I created by writing a quote on a page from an Anthropologie catalog. It's a good daily reminder of what I want to work on -- being bold and brave.
I write to-do lists everywhere as well. Again, it gives the pages a lived-in, comfortable feel. I like that someday I can look back and remember everything I was thinking about at that particular time. It's a great way to paint a real picture of your life.


  1. You are a beautiful journalist! Thanks for the inspiration. I've already happily written in my journal this morning :)


  2. i love journal writing. love it. your tips are great and your penmanship is lust-worthy. really. i'm obsessed with it. and your hair...

  3. I love journal writing too. But I used to write lengthy stories in my journal back in high school when everything was life or death. Now I am much more gratitude or inspiration oriented.

  4. these are all amazing ideas. :) I'm going to be tryin' them out asap.

  5. i would love to journal too if my handwriting was as cute as yours!

  6. Hey Jane! I was wondering what kind of journal you use and where you get it? If you'd let me know that'd be awesome. [thanks for sharing your thoughts on journaling]

  7. Ah this motivates me to get writing in my journal again! I haven't been as dedicated to it the past few motnhs, btu now I am resolved to recommit myself. Thank you for this post!


  8. You know, this reminds me of me of back in college. Our painting prof required that we fill 2 sketchbook pages/ day. He wanted us to USE it- you know not only for drawing, but for grocery lists, calendars, quotations, homework, whatever. It really did have the effect he desired- strip it of it's sacredness in the way that we were afraid to touch it and ruin it into making it sacred by becoming our other appendage.

  9. i'm obsessed with my journal too. i use it to write all of my poetry and short stories, its so personal and special. its literally my portable therapy. - i love your journal ideas, i may steal some!

  10. You are such a great journalist. (and your handwriting is beautiful too.) I love that your journal has no lines so that you're not constrained by them. You're inspiring me to go write in my journal!

  11. I'm with Angela, where oh where did you get your journal??

    Such a cute post, you have such great handwriting!


  12. your journal looks really beautiful. i wish i could be this organized with it... mine mostly looks like a bunch of scribbles :) x

  13. Thank You! For this post. You have motivated me to start writing in my journal again. BTW, where do you get your journals?