23 before 24

Friday, October 11, 2013

Jane and I started doing these goals lists a couple years ago. I am not sure where we got the idea, but it's pretty fun. Keeps you accountable throughout the entire year. Also I think it's refreshing to think about goals in a different context than "new years resolutions." You guys... I AM 24 NOW. When is T-Swift going to write a song about that?

Here's the recap of Harley's 23 before 24:

1. Start a new job - Started my first job post college working at an advertising firm in Chicago.
2. Travel to three new places - Washington DC, Burbank, Eureka, Lake Bluff, Crazy Horse
3. Finish two moleskin journals - This one didn't quite happen, I started three new journals, but didn't completely finish any.
4. Compliment someone everyday for something sincere. - Worked really hard on this one, although I don't think it's conquered.
5. Become a great listener - I'm better, but I still talk way too much.
6. Learn a new signature dessert - Cinnamon rolls are a dessert!
7. Read something by Jane Austen - I can't believe I never have before, Pride and Prejudice baby! Review coming soon.
8. Start making my own bread - Check check, especially with the easiest bread recipe in the world.
9. Become consistent with daily scripture study - Ummmm no comment.
10. Throw away at least one item of clothing every month - Now I love throwing things away. LOVE it.
11. Get off the Internet by 10pm - Eh. I started silencing my phone at night.
12. Go to the top of the sears tower - Totally did this one!
13. Get in shape by working out at least three times a week
14. Learn a song and record it  - It's far from perfect... but I did it. I also played a few songs a Jane's wedding, which was really fun. You can watch it here.
15. Give service freely- Think of others before myself - Still working on it, but getting way involved with church helped a ton.
16. Read a newspaper cover to cover - Nope. This was an easy one too.
17. Ride my bike through the city - Around the block counts right?
18. Attend a food, music, and art festival
19. Make a piece of art for my home. - A weird pom pom wall hanging thingy.
20. Leave my hair color alone - WHOA! did this one. High fiving a million angels.
21. Make sure the dishes are done every night before I got to sleep - A vast improvement so I am counting it.
22. Feed the birds
23. Decorate a cake - Made Michael's birthday cake.

24 before 25 coming soon.


  1. You've done so well with these goals! Congratulations!

    Ladyface Blog

  2. such a beautiful voice. way to go completin all them goals!

  3. Love this. I am working on my 101 in 1001 list right now and am looking forward to getting some things accomplished.

  4. It looks like you did a really good job towards marking off your goals for the year! Much better than I did last year. =)

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  6. you have such an awesome voice and amazing guitar skills! seriously... wow!

  7. Wow, totally loving this list idea that you have going on here! Props to you for doing as much as you can! Something is so better than nothing. Happy 24! Can't wait to read 24 before 25!!

  8. This is awesome! I have a 25 by 25 list but wrote it when I was 21 so the goals are a little bigger since I gave myself 4 years. I love reading other people's goal lists! And congrats, you accomplished most of them :)