him and her: jessica jean

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Jessica and I met one night on instagram while we were blog experiencing insomnia and I am so glad we did! She is so fun and has the cutest personality. I am so happy she is sharing a him and her post today! Check out her blog here.

Him: big
Her: little

Him: small town boy
Her: big city girl

Him: buffalo chicken sandwich
Her: salad

Him: Adidas
Her: Sandals and wedges

Him: Oreo Cheesequake Blizzard
Her: Twist Cone

Him: crossfit
Her: abs & running

Him: early riser
Her: night owl

Him: chocolate chip cookies and icecream
Her: Fruit smoothie

Him: watches tv before bed
Her: blogs, cleans, and makes jewelry before bed

Harley & Jane

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring us! You are so sweet!