journal prompt

Friday, May 24, 2013

i've been struggling with keeping up with my own journal writing, and when that happens i find it's sometimes easiest to just fill in the blanks. want to join in? leave us a link and we'll definitely hop over and read yours. xo, jane.

i am done with the first awkward day at my new job.
i keep my old day planners.
i wish i could never worry about eating all the bread i want.
i love jess.
i dance to ke$ha. always and forever.
i sing myself hoarse when i'm alone on a long drive.
i need to check off a million things from the wedding prep to do list.
i make a treat every time i go home.
i always take my socks off once i'm under the covers.


  1. I joined ya on this writing prompt! Thanks for sharing this. It helped me out with lifting the creative block in my noggin.

  2. i love this. i really wanted to journal every day this year but yeah i kind of failed totally.

    did you say what your new job is? i hope the rest of the days go amazing!