5 tips: finding a wedding photographer

Monday, May 6, 2013

Jess and I are down to a little more than one month, that's it! We got engaged in January, and now all of a sudden school is over and we only have a month until we get married. I've had a lot of help in planning from my mom and aunt, but one thing I did all on my own was find our photographer, Brooke Davis. She's incredible, and I thought I'd share with you tips on how to score your own fabulous photog. Here's part 1 of our engagement session!
 photo blush-photography-kayla-engagements-35_zps642e9851.jpg
1. Start early. Time is valuable in this case. Honestly, I have been keeping my eye on wedding photographers for years. Jess and I didn't even start to get serious until last October, but I didn't let that stop me from noticing photographers with great style. All the photographers I have bookmarked have blogs or websites where you can scroll through hundreds of their photoshoots and get a good idea of whether they match the style you're looking for. 

2. Keep a list. Make a Pinterest board or something to bookmark your favorites, even if you're not getting married soon. After all, you never know when the magic will happen.

3. Shop around. Don't be afraid to email a few of them to inquire about pricing so you have an idea of what people are charging these days. It takes a while to compare price lists and packages to know exactly what you want and who is in your budget. Also, each photographer has their own style. We chose Brooke because we loved the raw honesty in all of her photos. We didn't want much editing. We wanted someone who could bring out the natural beauty in us and our surroundings.
 photo blush-photography-kayla-engagements-50_zpsed31e151.jpg
4. Ask questions. I scheduled a phone date with Brooke as soon as I could to ask questions and to decide if her personality would jive with us. Ask things like:
  • Are you the kind of photographer who blends in or takes charge?
  • How do you make the men feel more comfortable in front of the camera?
  • Will I have printing rights to the photos?
  • How long does your editing process take?
5. Keep in touch. Once you've chosen your photographer, keep in touch and continue asking questions. Ask them if you should bring ideas of poses or shots you want. Ask if they have suggestions about what to wear. Be proactive and get to know them a little bit. Your photoshoot will likely turn out better if you are familiar with each other.

Who are your favorite wedding photographers? 

xo, Jane


  1. These are all great tips! xx. McKenna Lou

  2. ciara richardson is my photographer and she is hands down my favorite! i discovered brooke through ciara and she is equally as wonderful. your day will be captured beautifully. congrats!! :)

  3. Oh, I really love this. I am FAR away from getting engaged like ever but definitely bookmarking this for the day I need help.

    I love Bridget's photography and hope someday she can be my wedding photographer even though she is states away from me, because she takes beautiful photos. You should check out her blog www.deercircus.com

  4. these are gorgeous photos.
    i seriously love everything she does.


  5. Nice Work, I like all the photographs. Wedding is a special day, and everyone wants everything is perfect and documented, and I must say this is perfect documentation.