sunday breakfast

Sunday, April 7, 2013

sunday morning breakfast have become a tradition in our house. i first talked about it here. when church is at 1pm what excuse do you have? the thing about this breakfast is that we rarely plan it ahead of time. we just wake up sunday and throw together whatever we have in the kitchen. we haven't been shopping in a while so today it was german pancakes because all you need for these bad boys is eggs, flour, sugar, and milk.  and of course powdered sugar & butter. 

we used this recipe minus that fancy syrup and it was super delicious. 
happy sunday!


  1. Wow, looks amazing!!


  2. mmm..looks very yammy! and so easy to make! :) thanks for sharing this great recipe! that is something really different and great!
    Lovely traditions you have! :)

  3. that looks aaaaaaaammmaaaazzzzzzzzzzzing! i LOVE pancakes so definitely will be trying this :)
    just found your blog, TOO CUTE!!!