awkward and awesome

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

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  • finishing season one of once upon a time (i'm obsessed), and then realizing season two is nowhere to be found.
  • stress-induced forgetfulness and having to call all those people to apologize for forgetting appointments and interviews.
  • when your delicious cinnamon rolls take on the nasty taste of the spicy soup that was previously in the supposedly-clean ziploc container. still trying to get that taste out of my mouth.
  • trespassing to take outfit pictures.
  • having to take stacks of unread novels back to the library every month.
  • realizing you last shirt button is missing, leaving your stomach half showing--in public.
  • when no one tells you about the smudge of chocolate on your forehead.

  • when my mama and siblings come to provo to visit.
  • getting hand-me-downs from family who is refurnishing or simply has too much in the attic. who needs new stuff when you can get family heirlooms?
  • sewing a beautiful shower curtain with my grandma for my new house.
  • when other bloggers share their success secrets.
  • cereal as an evening snack (a habit i owe to my dad).
  • getting a late easter package full of fun stuff from my mom.
  • online banking.
  • a money-savvy fiance who knows how to save (i never realized how much of an impulse buyer slash spender i am until we started comparing notes...)


  1. i really really hate taking unread books back to the library. not fair.

  2. so much to love about appt forgetfulness has gotten bad lately as well, probably because my inability to clean my car means my planner is missing somewhere in the chaos. Also, it's actually been kind of liberating to miss stuff on accident. Oh well...

  3. hahahahahahah your armmmmmm

  4. Second season of Once Upon A Time is on Hulu plus! Your welcome. (That's not supposed to be rude, just a reference to the MTV show Awkward, which I thought would be fitting until I realized not everyone watches that show so maybe you have no idea what I'm talking about, ha) Love Once Upon A Time! Just recently stumbled upon your blog, it's lovely!

  5. Danielle is right about Hulu plus. Sign up for the free trial, catch up on the episodes in a week (the 5 most recent episodes are free on and then cancel your hulu plus! That's what I did to catch up and I'm super obsessed with it now :)