sister style: a navy toggle coat

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

i get to see my sister in 20 days. YES. doesn't she just have the cutest style? i have loved featuring her over that last couple of months. see more of her outfits here, here, and here. 

you may be wondering, "but harley-- why don't you take outfit pictures anymore?" well my dear readers, the answer to that is because Chicago has been about zero degrees. however, michael and i were able to sneak out on sunday and lets just say-- they don't call this the windy city for nothing. look for those bad boys tomorrow. 


p.s. jacket came from nordstrom and it's adorable.


  1. That jacket is so pretty! I love the navy color! Have fun when you get to see your sister!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. yay! yay! yayyy! for being able to see sis in 20 days!! cutest jacket too. :)


  3. i love the toggle coats! i just bought my first one from topshop this winter!

  4. LOVE that jacket, especially with the boots.