sister style: aztec scarf and red pants

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

my sister and i both got this scarf for christmas this year. my family started a tradition where everyone draws a name, gets 20 dollars, and then runs into target and has to buy something for the person they picked, but you can't let the other person see. it has to be a surprise. 

it was HILARIOUS and fun. everyone was giving us the weirdest looks. probably because we were running around and hiding behind shelves. 

my sister and i walked into target together and both saw this scarf. michael had caity's name so i told sneakily told him to buy her the scarf. 

when we went to open the family presents later that night i got the scarf too! it turned out that caity had told my mom that i liked it as well. so we are scarfy twins.

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  1. that scarf is sweeeet! also, your christmas tradition sounds :)

  2. that scarf is amazing!! so sad its not at target anymore :(

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  3. does your sister have a blog? i feel like it would be way fun! also love that scarf & outfit! :)