book review: the red tent

Thursday, March 7, 2013

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plot: it's from the old testament -- a retelling of the story of dinah, the youngest child and only daughter of jacob (israel). this is the girl who has 12 older brothers and 4 mothers. she grew up among these women who held onto their timeless traditions of gathering in the red tent. it was in that tent that they shared stories, supported each other through childbirth, and strengthened bonds. dinah grows up and falls in love with a prince, but tragedy strikes when her brothers and father succumb to their pride.

what i liked: i loved learning about old testament stories and, for once, realizing how connected all these people are. it gives background on the twelve tribes of israel, and i have never learned so much about them until this book. it's a story of the power of friendship, betrayal, adversity, and eventually forgiveness and quiet triumph. it's a page turner for sure, and i found myself completely enamored with dinah and some of the other characters in her life. as we see in reading the old testament, those women weren't recognized or talked about much, but their lives were incredible and interesting all the same.

what i didn't like: the beginning is a bit graphic in it's retelling of jacob's relationships with his four wives (but after that it's not racy again). also, i somehow keep picking up terribly heartbreaking books, and this is no exception. it's a pro and a con to read something that rips one's heart apart.

5 out of 5 stars

have you read it?



  1. I admit I'm not much of a book reader, I'd rather watch the film - But this does look really good.

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  3. ooh I read this way back in high school! I remember feeling more connected to the bible afterward, like I would remember better who the different characters and brothers were. Totally heartwrenching though!

  4. That's so crazy! We're reading it right now for my church's book club. I'm about halfway through and I like it. Some of the beginning's details were definitely pleasant.