march: making time for the things that are important

Monday, March 4, 2013

If you don't know yet, Jane and I are making goals all year long. We were inspired by the book, The Happiness Project, to set monthly goals. You make a new goal every month and try and build it on to your last months goal as well. January went extremely well for me, February not so much. 

My goal for February was to pray and read my scriptures daily and it just didn't happen. In other words-- I didn't make it happen. #mileaday from January also disappeared. The only thing that I was able to keep consistent was decluttering  When something starts stressing me out I just throw it away. (I also organized my Husbands closet. He actually hangs up his clothes now!) 

I guess I am a little disappointed in myself. 

On the upside, keeping track of goals monthly allows refresh and start over every 30ish days. My goal for March is to make time for important things. My important things are: 

1. Husband/Family- quality time
2. Spiritual Learning- prayer and scripture study
3. Music- guitar playing and singing 

Here is how I am going to tackle making time for each thing. I find that the more specific I am the more likely I am to do it. 

1. Husband/Family- Spend more QUALITY time
When I get home from work I am going to spend 1 solid hour with my Husband without any type of technology. Goodbye cell phone and computer. To me quality time needs to be spent engaging with the other person, watching TV while we are both on our phones checking Facebook doesn't count. Instead we can spend that first hour engaging each other in conversation, playing games, making dinner, etc. Also reaching out to extended family. Calling my Mom once a week, texting my sisters daily, and keeping in touch with my Grandma. 

2. Spiritual Learning- Prayer and Scripture Study 
This one is IMPERATIVE for me right now in my life. I just got a huge new calling at church (a calling is a position that you volunteer to serve in- my new calling is head of the women's organization at church). And I feel completely in adequate for this job, but know that with the Lord's help I can succeed. Enter daily prayer and scripture study. No excuses this month. 

3. Music- Guitar and Singing
I have been taking a guitar class for the last 8 weeks and have loved every single second. This month I really want to focus on pushing myself. I need to practice a minimum of three hours between every class in order to improve. In addition, I also want to record one song cover and get it online by the end of March. I am sick of spending a million hours surfing youtube watching all these super talented people and envying them. What a waste of time! I can only imagine if I would have turned those many many hours into guitar practice how good I could be right now. Have you heard the rule of the 10,000 hours?

And that is where I am at. Bring it on March! 
What are you March goals? Leave a link in the comments! We would love to read them.



  1. February goals lost momentum as well. Three cheers for starting over!

  2. love it. you're the relief society president?! awesome, stressful, and awesome!! ha.

  3. I think this is an awesome idea!

  4. dang girl, relief society pres? you rock.

  5. you go girl. rock the heck outta that scripture study