journal prompt // how do you travel?

Friday, February 8, 2013

journal prompt:
how do you travel?

1. i like to feel like i'm in a nest when i'm a passenger, so i tuck my bags and other stuff all around my feet. i think it's the opposite of claustrophobia.
2. i cannot be the driver for more than 3 hours. three hours is my limit, and then i'm ready to pull off at the next exit for food or a hotel.
3. usually i have a bag full of books, journals, magazines and crochet supplies to use while on the road, but i rarely get as far as unzipping it. i think it's a comfort just to know it's there.
4. carrots and celery are not my road trip food (my dad has tried for years to convert us to this). pass the chocolate covered nuts and the pepsi wild cherry and i'll be fine.
5. my legs get restless and stiff on road trips, so i generally end up in contorted positions with my feet up by the window or making toe prints on the windshield. my mom has never appreciated that.

1. with more books than i could ever possibly read
2. pens pens pens galore for all the journaling i don't do
3. diet coke & starbursts
4. my handsome husband at the wheel
5. a stuffed animal named spike (on our first road trip ever, my husband and i stopped at this gas station with lamas in the middle of no where. inside they had all of these beanie babies. one was a hedgehog and he was unbelievably cute so we bough him for 5 dollars and now he comes with us everywhere we travel. you can see a picture of him here.)

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  1. I wish I could get around to traveling more! When I do travel I too get very restless and need to get out from time to time to stretch my legs. I also take a whole bag of things to do but then end up sleeping and don't even unzip it since I try to avoid being carsick. xx. gigi,food and beauty blogger @

  2. Since I will be "TRAVELING" when you post your guys' entries, I'll say a couple now! I honestly probably like laying out on the beach MORE than going to see every little thing. Maybe I'm not a true traveler? haha.


  3. This is such a fun post! Love it, I agree with the 3 hours! I am a new follower from the GFC blog hop! I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Hahaha,I also always bring to much books on a trip!So I know this one!