to want to live your life

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

i have had some pretty insane projects at work lately-- consume every waking moment kind of projects. 

on monday i woke up and i thought, "i can't wait until tuesday and then this project will be over!" i spent the entire day monday waiting for tuesday and then i spent all day tuesday waiting for it to be 6pm. that was freedom. 

sometimes i spend my entire week just wishing it away. living for those two glorious free days at the end of the week when i inevitably watch more TV than i should. on tuesday said project got extended (oh joy.) i was devestated.

i had to have a literal pep talk with myself. alone in the bathroom... locked in a stall. i told myself that i can't spend an ENTIRE 48 hours just wishing for them to be over. 

what. a. waste. 

that is no way to live my life. i am so lucky to be alive and working in my chosen career. i should spend my days working on difficult projects pushing myself to be better.

so i said, "girl get your act together. now. live your life and try and be the best at whatever you do cause if you don't do it now the time is just going to pass by anyway and then what do you have?"

and that my friends is what i have to say.



  1. I do the same exact thing. I wish the week away and all of the classes I have to teach, the homework I have to grade and the planning I have to do for those two days at the end where I can just relax. I think we all need to readjust how we think to make even the difficult days more enjoyable

  2. word.

    this is so true, we're all lucky to be here! xo

  3. Unfortunately, I can totally relate to this. So hard to get out of that funk sometimes.